Devices and tools for minimally invasive cardiac surgery interventions

Early Stage Researcher: Konstantinos Dimakos

Host institution: SORIN


The enrolled ESR will work within a team of engineers and researchers from SORIN, devoted to the study and development of new or optimized devices/tools for heart valve replacement utilizing innovative approaches to surgical techniques. 

The ESR will gain a deep insight on a risk-based approach to the design and test in vitro of heart valves. In collaboration with the partners of the consortium, he/she will evaluate strategies to identify the best approaches that translate the requirements of the design input into the product. Training will also cover a wide range of advanced manufacturing technologies suitable for metallic alloys and plastics (laser cutting, electropolishing, rapid prototyping, co-injection moulding, dipping, etc.).

Expected Results

(i) a prototype of new or optimized device/tool for heart valve replacement and (ii) a testing plan allowing to verify that the requirements of the design input are properly translated into the product.