Innovative platforms for realistic clinician training in the lab

Early Stage Researcher: Michal Jaworek

Host institution: POLIMI


The ESR­ will work within a team of engineers from POLIMI, surgeons and cardiologists (from partner SACCO) devoted to the in vitro study of the effects of new-generation heart valve treatments.

The ESR will have to i) identify the requirements of a new experimental mock loop (ML) inclusive of an intact porcine heart and a catheter-access simulator, ii) design and manufacture the new experimental ML at POLIMI and develop ad hoc protocols for training the users (i.e. clinicians and industrial user) on how to use the ML , and iii) optimize the ML specifically for the context of minimally invasive approaches (MiIAs) and TVI, with focus onto both the implant of currently available transcatheter aortic valves and research towards novel transcatheter mitral valve replacement and repair. The ESR will adopt engineering design tools (CAD modelling, numerical modelling, fast prototyping) to satisfy the requirements formulated by the involved clinical and industrial partners.

Expected Results

An innovative ML, specifically intended for MiIAs and TVI, will be made available to clinicians and companies in the consortium. The ML, released at month 20 (1st version) will be also a valid test bench for testing existing or newly developed surgery tools and devices (Task 1.3) and for validation of software tools (Tasks 1.2, 1.4, 1.5, and WP 2). The ML will be iteratively refined according to other tasks outcome.