The MUSICA consortium consists of 10 partners, namely four universities (POLIMI, IMPERIAL, TU/e, UGENT) and six industrial partners, three being world leaders in their sectors (PHILIPS, SORIN, MATERIALISE) and three SMEs (BEL, FEops and LIFETEC). Six hospitals are also involved; IMPERIAL College Healthcare NHS Trust (ICHH), which is a beneficiary of the project as part of IMPERIAL, and five hospitals as associated partners (SACCO, IOG, MUMC, CHE, AZMM). They will provide the clinical feed-back to the technical partners and secondements to the ESRs. The involvement of the private sector is predominant and essential for the achievement of the project goals, extending the traditional academic research training, thus improving the employability of the recruited young researchers.

The academic groups have a long-standing tradition in cardiac technology, excellent ranking both in research and teaching in this field, and complementary skills: image-based numerical modelling and in vitro simulators (TU/e), balloon- and self-expandable stent modeling (UGENT), patient-specific assessment of valve hemodynamic performance (IMPERIAL), computational fluid dynamics/fluid structure interaction (CFD/FSI), in vitro valve simulators and lab-on-chip (POLIMI). The companies are leaders in their market in Europe and are main competitors at world level. They will provide expertise in design and assessment of minimally invasive devices (SORINLIFETEC), imaging-based technologies for patient specific care (PHILIPS), manufacturing image- based technologies for surgery (MATERIALISE), design and development of disposable devices for cardiovascular applications (BEL) and state-of-the-art patient-based modelling for minimally invasive structural heart disease treatment (FEops). Hospitals will provide secondments, clinical training, and end-user perspective.