Azienda Ospedaliera Luigi Sacco (SACCO)

University public hospital, encompasses education and research facilities. The unit involved in the project is the Cardiothoracic Surgery dept. Lead Scientist: Carlo Antona, MD, Ass. Prof. of Cardiac Surgery, head surgeon of the Cardiothoracic Dept. since 1999. Research interests: reparative surgery of heart valves, minimally invasive surgery, transcutanean procedures. Key competences of the unit: European leading centre for reparative surgery and minimally invasive/transcutanean therapies of the heart valves. With Polimi, it coordinates an experimental laboratory (ForcardioLab) for the in vitro study of heart innovative therapies.

Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi (IOG)

IOG has been recognized by the Ministry of Health as an IRCCS (Scientific Institute for Research and Treatment). The unit involved in the project is the Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory. Lead Scientist: Matteo Moretti, PhD; Laboratory Head. In the field since 2005. Key competences of the unit: tissue engineering, stem cells, regenerative medicine, bioreactors, musculoskeletal tissues.

Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC)

MUMC comprises the Maastricht University Medical School and Hospital as well as the research and education facilities of the faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. Lead Scientist: Tammo Delhaas, Prof. dr. of Biomedical Engineering and Consultant in Pediatric Cardiology. Research related to cellular and cardiac mechanics, cardiac pacing, and mathematical modelling of the heart and circulation. Key competences: Research focused on the cardiovascular system using patient data (in cooperation with clinical depts.), animal experiments (in cooperation with depts. of physiology), and mathematical modelling.

Catharina Hospital Eindhoven (CHE)

CHE is one of the largest non-academic hospitals in The Netherlands. Lead Scientist: Nico Pijls, Prof. of Biomedical Engineering and Cardiology. Research on measurements in cardiac and coronary hemodynamics. Key competences: day to day care of cardiac patients the Eindhoven Heart Center and a strong focus on research, with connections to the Eindhoven University of Technology.

AZ Maria Middelares (AZMM)

Reference centre in the field of Cardiology in Belgium. Lead Scientist: Dr. Kristoff Cornelis, large experience in the field of invasive imaging and different fields of percutaneous, interventions. Key competences: percutaneous device management (coronary stent, valve prosthesis, ICD) and invasive and non-invasive imaging.