4D segmentation and measurements for transcatheter heart valve implantation

Early Stage Researcher: Yağmur Gülkanat

Host institution: MATERIALISE


The enrolled ESR will work in close collaboration with a team of engineers, software R&D specialists (from MATERIALISE) and clinicians (from AZMM) in the field of 4D segmentation of MRI,CT and Ultrasound data.

The ESR will have three tasks: i) working with radiologists to identify and possibly optimize scanning protocols for cardiovascular anatomies; ii) developing C++ software routines for segmentation of this imaging data, calculation of optimized 3D and 4D triangle mesh models and analysis of tissue deformation to derive material characteristics. These can be used as input for 3D printing and virtual simulation of cardiovascular interventions (cfr. Tasks 1.3 & T1.5); iii) establishing the feasibility and limits of 3D printing as a technique to provide physical models of cardiovascular anatomical structures which can be used for education, bench top testing (cfr. Task 1.4), clinical training (cfr. Task 1.1) or pre-intervention complexity assessment by interventionists. Finally the ESR will use the extensive soft- and hardware facilities at MATERIALISE for exploring the 3D printing of physical cardiovascular models.

Expected Results

i) Software segmentation tools dedicated to preparation for 3D and 4D simulations which will be integrated in the MATERIALISE Mimics Innovation Suite; ii) Commerical exploitation of 3D printing of patient specific cardiovascular anatomies for educational, research, training or clinical use.