Quantification of intra-cardiac flow

Early Stage Researcher: Federico Cané

Host institution: UGENT


Within this Task, the ESR will first develop a generic model of intracardiac flow, initially incorporating the left atrium and ventricle. The anatomy and cardiac wall motion will be extracted from available 3D MRI-data. Ultimately, the segmentation tools developed in WP2.1 could be used to provide this information on a patient-specific basis. The sensitivity of the flow field to the imposed boundary conditions and especially the treatment of the valvular apparatus and leaflet motion will be investigated. The ESR will investigate and propose a number of meaningful parameters describing flow features (eg helicity, vorticity) and use the model to assess the feasibility of extracting these parameters directly from different imaging modalities (in particular 4D MRI flow measurements and ultrasound).

Expected Results

(i) A computer simulation framework for the validation and assessment of medical cardiac flow imaging modalities; (ii) Tools and algorithms for the quantitative assessment of intra-cardiac flow fields.