Comprehensive quantification and visualization of valve function & flow

Early Stage Researcher: Joao Luis Silva CanaveiraTourais

Host institution: PHILIPS


The ESRs will be involved in the team at PHILIPS, dedicated to the development of methods & tools for the visualization and analysis of cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) images, with a focus on the diagnosis of valve disease.

For such pathology, the quantification and visualization of cardiac function and blood flow in the heart and surrounding large vessels are essential to make the diagnosis more reliable, deep, and comprehensive, thus supporting clinical decisions. Yet, the specific features of heart valve disease reflect into the need for specific and pathology-oriented modeling tools; these will have to exploit the information from different image modalities or different acquisition procedures, and to focus on different morpho-functional characterization.

Hence, the ESR will focus on the design and implementation of a complete dedicated analysis workflow for assisting cardiac valve disease treatment, with an emphasis on minimally-invasive surgical approaches and percutaneous procedures. The analysis should be comprehensive, i.e. it should include all information needed to assist the clinician to effectively evaluate disease severity, take surgical decisions and evaluate its outcome.

Expected Results

An efficient and effective cardiac MR image analysis & visualization tool to assist the treatment of cardiac valve disease.