Sorin Group Italia S.r.l. (SORIN)

SORINSorin Group Italia s.r.l. (SORIN) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LivaNova PLC. The Unit involved is the Cardiac Surgery (R&D Heart Valves). Lead Scientist: Silvia Pascale, Senior Manager External Funding. University degree in Mechanical Engineering – Politecnico di Torino. She has been working in SORIN R&D since 1987 managing more than 40 granted projects.
Key competences of the unit: Worldwide leader in Cardiac Surgery: The best European group able to compete at global level with US manufacturers. Nearly 40 years of real-world experience on mechanical and biological cardiac prostheses, development of revolutionary biocompatible materials as well as ideal haemodynamic design, high-tech bioengineering, exclusive technologies and the most stringent quality control represent SORIN distinctive approach to ensure absolute levels of quality and reliability while providing the best solution for healthcare professionals and their patients.