Winter School 2016

MUSICARE Winter School 2016 was held in Lecco (Italy), March 1-5.

New trends for minimally invasive therapies in cardiac diseases

Tuesday 1

J Smink (PHILIPS) - Cardiovascular MT Imaging and Interventions


P Bovendeerd (TU/e) - Towards model-assisted diagnosis of clinical cardiovascular data


P Segers (UGENT) - Innovations in cardiac therapies: history cases


Wednesday 2

GB Fiore (POLIMI) - Development of ex-vivo pulsatile mock loops for excised cardiac samples


A Leopaldi (LIFETEC) - In vivo (non) veritas - How to effectively accelerate your R&D


SA Riboldi (BEL) - Emerging strategies in cardiovascular care


M De Beule (FEops) - Starting FEops as a gazelle: IPR and business issues


Thursday 3

Snow, sun and team building!


Friday 4

S Pascale (SORIN) - From lab to industry: the industrial point of view


A Mangini (SACCO) - Training and research phantom-mediated: diferent phantom for different purpose, the surgeon point of view



Poster Session


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